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3-Gauge Instrument Console w/ Attachment Eyelets - Used

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3-Gauge Instrument Console w/ Attachment Eyelets - Used

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http://www.tusa.com/pdf/IQ-600manual.pdf 1.02 Key FeaturesAmong the IQ-600’s key features: The IQ-600 activates automatically upon descent. It need notbe manually activated beforehand. It automatically adjusts for altitudes up to 19,680 ft/6,000 m,and is capable of functioning at depths as deep as 328 ft/100 m. The IQ-600 displays a variety of data, including: date; time ofday; current and maximum depths; no-decompression divetime elapsed and remaining, and water temperature. Additionally, the IQ-600 is capable of displaying data specificallyrelated to the use of Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx), including:Fraction of Oxygen (FO2) setting; Partial Pressure ofOxygen (PO2); and, an Oxygen Limit Index (OLI) representingthe cumulative effect ofa diver’s exposure to elevated PO2s(“CNS Clock”) as an eight-element bar graph.45 Through a combination of audible and visible alarms, the IQ-600 helps alert divers to a number of possibly hazardoussituations, including: violation of ascent rate or no-decompressionstatus; and, whether mandatory decompression stops arenecessary or divers have ascended above a mandatory stopceiling. Nitrox-specific warnings occur when users exceed alimiting PO2 of 1.6 atmospheres, and when cumulativeexposure to elevated PO2s exceeds recommended limits. If needed, the IQ-600 can calculate decompression stoprequirements for stops as deep as 49 ft/15 m. The IQ-600’s Random Access Memory (RAM) enables it tohold and display log data on ten dives. Users can furtheraccess up to a cumulative total of 30 minutes of dive-profileinformation, sampled in one-minute intervals. Depending on use, the IQ-600’s battery can last up to 18months or more before needing replacement. Battery replacementis recommended to be performed by an authorizedTUSA dealer, or by the consumer, following the instructionsappearing in this manual. The IQ-600 fits TUSA’s CNC-3™ Compact NavigationalConsole. This console combines the IQ-600 with an analogsubmersible pressure gauge (SPG) and easy-to-use top-andside-reading compass. The console also features clip anchorson either side, to help attach it to your BC. The IQ-600computer module will also fit in most other standard instrumentconsoles and circular wrist mounts.


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