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ICON HD net ready

Incredible color, high definition dive

• Hoseless tank pressure transmission
• Exclusive bi-directional communication
• Displays tank pressure, time remaining and current gas consumption

Icon HD net ready is the new frontier in gas integrated computers. Whereas until now the dive computer was simply a passive receiver of information, with the new Mares bi-directional technology, Icon HD is ready to communicate actively with the tank module for an unprecedented level of safety and user friendliness.
The combination with icon's high definition color display brings tank pressure information to a new level. Detailed numerical information is accompanied by intuitive, at-a-glance color coding. Blue and green means the pressure is above the mid tank warning, red means the pressure is below the reserve, orange and yellow for values inbetween.
The thresholds are set by the user for maximum customization.

Product Details

Code: 414121
Max Displayed Depth: 150 m (492ft)
Memory capacity: > 100hr
Profile Sampling Rates: 5 s
Watch: Yes
Calendar: Yes
Dual time: Yes
Stopwatch: Yes
Daily alarm: Yes
Battery Power Indicator: Yes
Lithium Battery (user-replaceable): Yes
Plan Mode: Yes
Choice of Metrical/Imperial Units: Yes
Fresh and Seawater Settings: Yes
Residual Nitrogen Reset: Yes
Option to exclude audible alarms: Yes
Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent": Yes
Ascent Rate Indicator: Yes
Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min - ft/min): Yes
Altitude Adjustment: Yes

Product Features

  • ICON HD Color My Dive World • TFT LCD color display. • Double diving mode options, Extend and Profile • Stores images and dive site maps. ICON HD is a True full-color display computer. Its screen is made using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology. An intuitive software, the use of large characters, and the contrast created by using different colors, makes the on screen information easy to read, immediate and clear. During the dive besides the standard navigation mode EXTEND, divers can switch to a second dive mode PROFILE. ICON HD processes and shows the full dive curve in real time. The computer’s memory allows the storage of images and photos, including digital maps of diving spots. RGBM Nitrox Function Push Buttons Free Dive Backlighting Log Book Permanent Backlight Mineral Glass Display Saphire Coating Superior Display Readability TFT LCD COLOR DISPLAY Dive Simulator RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES Prudential Programs Digital compass with full tilt REPROGRAMMABLE PROCESSOR Reset Residual Nitrogen Interface Fresh water / seawater setting Deep Stop Easy Access Software upgradeability Powerful Backlight Extended logbook data memory Precautionary Program Settings Residual Nitrogen Memory Reset Special Function Modes PC-Interface User-Repleaceable Transducer Batteries Air Integrated